First computer

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One of the first devices I learned all that IT on. Google gave some nice websites with some pictures. I still got the box, might put it back into operation again..

Log File Viewer

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This is a tool I’ve build in the last few weeks. If you have ever been annoyed when searching for something in a logfile, this is the tool for you. It fixes most problems I have experienced so far, that make reading logs an annoyance: Page long stacktraces Some information you don’t care about is […]

Old non-public stuff

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If you are interested, I can provide the following, however not free of charge: A (10)Gigabit Firewall System, Linux based, 4 ports, booting from USB stick, for very well below 5000€. A simulation tool for subsidence calculation in mining for free form horizontal mining areas. Hosting, including working spamfilter and real professional support. Very cost […]

Split V-Cards

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Ein Java Tool zum Splitten von VCards (digitalen Visitenkarten). Manche Software (Hallo, Nokia) kann nicht mit mehreren Visitenkarten in einer Datei umgehen. Das platformunabhängige Tool erzeugt daraus dann mehrere. Start mit java -jar VCFSplit.jar. Download Jar und Sourcen. Tool to split V-Cards containing multiple contacts into multiple files. Some nokia phones need this.