Alexander Gran
A quick overview about myself.

First of all you can grab the digital business card, VCF and my PGP-key. Google and facebook own loads of pictures, here is just one.

Since august 2010 I’m employed at IVU Traffic Technologies AG as international project manager. Besides that I’m still working a bit as freelancing consultant in IT (Operations and Consulting ), management  consulting and special projects.

Before all that I’ve been working many years at the Fraunhofer IPT in Aachen, for BAB Raststätten Aachener Land as well as Moduleworks GmbH in Aachen. I still got business to do with some of them in my freelancing.

I did some high-flying studies at my  “Elite” alma mater RWTH Aachen and got a top 5% degree in Computer Science. Adequate for that, I’m member of the Katholische deutsche Studentenverbindung Franconia zu Aachen im CV – catholic German student fraternity.

Afterwards I did an international MBA at the  Collège des Ingénieurs CDI in Paris, Stuttgart, München and Ittingen (CH), backed up by regular business trips to Rzeszòw (PL).


In my free time I’ve been leader of the youth department of the SC Delphin Eschweiler, which is now named Wasserfreunde Delphin Eschweiler, where I’m still playing water polo. Since 2006 I’m the managing director.

For intensive preservation of local culture, I’m active Scharwächter.

The full  CV is available as well, for the one who want to know in detail (and hire, maybe ;). Basically I’m open to new projects, but please don’t send me software developer positions. This is long past.

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